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Terms and Conditions

At UDXGEN Software Solutions Pvt Ltd (www.UDXGEN.com) we believe in transparency in our dealings; and Terms and Conditions clearly spells out our commitment to clientele and associates and is applicable only in case of online activity on the website and not offline. UDXGEN is registered under the Companies Act, 1956 with a website which is protected by copyright laws and other similar intellectual property laws. This website and its content on this website are sole property of UDXGEN.



A visitor (henceforth you) are not allowed to download, reproduce, modify, sell, transmit or make the website content publicly available without prior approval of UDXGEN. You are not allowed to mirror content of the website on any other server. The website is provided to you on ‘AS IS’ and ‘AS AVAILABLE’ basis.



The information, graphics, documentation and this entire website are protected under Indian and international copyright laws as well as the conventions of intellectual property. As per copyright convention you cannot transmit or distribute content or modify, republish, reproduce, upload any property of this website to third party. Entire set of images, graphics, and content on this website is our property and we have complete right to modify, remove, and add any type of image, content or graphics in the website without any prior notice.



You are required to indemnify UDXGEN, its management and employees, as well as affiliates, clients and agents with respect to any claim or suit resulting out of (a) your breach of agreement, copyright infringement or intellectual property rights of any third party; use or misuse of UDXGEN website.


Registration of Physical Location

For each service availed from us you are required to register a physical location where you will be using the service. Your location will be registered with us as part of subscribing to the service. It is upon you to confirm accuracy of the data submitted by you for your physical address. You are also required to make changes/updates, additions or transfers as and when you move the device to another location. You can update location by logging on to your online account that you have opened with us.


Links to Third Party Sites

The website www.UDXGEN.com may contain links to other websites that are not under the control of UDXGEN and UDXGEN is not responsible for any type of content on the linked websites. We are also not responsible for any kind of changes with respect to images, graphics or content in the linked websites. We also not responsible for not responsible for any form of transmission received by you from any of the linked website. Note we have provided links to these websites for your convenience only, and it does not imply that we endorse everything mentioned in those websites.


Use of Communication Services

We at UDXGEN wish to make it clear that our website contains services/channels like chat areas, forums, news groups, communities, messaging section that are meant to help you communicate with us or the public at large. Once you avail those services, you affirm that you will not: –

  1. Defame, harass, abuse, stalk, threaten, and violate privacy of others.
  2. Publish, upload, post, distribute, disseminate anything that’s deemed inappropriate, infringing, profane, obscene, indecent topic, material, information.
  3. Upload any type of file that may contain software or other material protected by copyright/intellectual property right laws unless you have all the needed consent.
  4. Upload files that may contain virus, corrupted file, spam or other similar software or programs that may potentially damage other’s electronic devices.
  5. Advertise to sell or buy any type of goods or services for any business purpose unless such thing has been specifically communicated.
  6. Conduct surveys, offer schemes, organize contests on your own without our explicit approval.
  7. Download any file posted by other users on any of the above-mentioned communication channels.
  8. Falsify/delete any other author attribution, notices or details submitted.
  9. Restrict either forcefully or by coercion any other user from using and enjoying any of the abovementioned communication services/channels.
  10. Violate any applicable code of conduct or guidelines which are applicable for any of the abovementioned communication service/channels.
  11. Collect information about other users, including but not limited to email addresses, phone numbers, and electronic id without their consent.


Product Use

We at UDXGEN wish to make it clear that our products will be delivered to customer’s location as provided in the order documents, subject to terms of agreement. Please remember that delivery dates are non-binding and if no delivery dates are specified, product delivery will be made in a timeframe suitable to us; either in instalments/parts or in one go as a package. For a product contract to be executed in part or full the following things need to be adhered to: –

  1. If delivered in instalments, each product instalment to be considered as a single product unit for which a separate contract may be needed spelling out instalment number. We are not liable for any loss of profits, damage, cost, expenses suffered by customer due to delay in delivery of products. Customer cannot terminate agreement just because of delay.
  2. The title and risks associated with the products whether delivered in part or full shall be passed to the customer once delivery has been completed. We are entitled to take action against the customer with regards to recovery of unpaid price of the products if payment not received within specified period of time as mentioned in the agreement.
  3. Customer is required to inspect and test the products to verify if the product delivered in correct or is damaged. As per the agreement customer must notify us within 7 working days of the delivery of the products, if the delivered product is not performing as prescribed. If customer does not comply with the notification we will not be held liable.
  4. If UDXGEN is notified within 7 working days of product delivery of any problem or defect; based on the notification, our representative will contact customer to repair or replace the products as per the terms of agreement.
  5. If customer for any reason does not accept delivery of products, or UDXGEN is unable to make delivery of the products within specified time as mentioned in the agreement owing to non-submission of correct permissions or supporting document by customer then the products will be deemed as delivered.


Liability Disclaimer

The information on products and services on our website may have inaccuracies. We may continue to make improvements/changes in the website at any time. Advice received via UDXGEN should not be relied upon as sacrosanct;for your own personal, legal,medical, or financial satisfaction; better you take professional advice that suit your situation.In no event we and/or our suppliers will be liable for any direct or indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, damages whatsoever including but not limited to damages caused due to loss of use, data or profits arising due to your performance, delay or inability to use our website or related services.


Termination of Service

We at UDXGEN pay strict attention to copyright issue and reserve the right to terminate service of any person if we find that the service provider has not honoured his side of the deal, and has been found to be in violation of agreement signed on mutually agreed terms. We reserve the right to terminate service of any person permanently without prior notice, refund, without stating reason.


Dissolution of Service

If you are not satisfied with any of our service or with any of the terms of use, you are free to discontinue our services, but you must give us a formal intimation of the same in advance via mail, message, phone or any other means you deem fit.



We assure you that UDXGEN, endeavours to comply with all copyright laws.

  1. The buyer will not use the aforementioned product for anything else (includes malpractices or illegal activities) other than that has been specified in this agreement.
  2. The Customer must not resell any part of the service or use the service to provide a service to any third party. If a customer is found to be reselling service, UDXGEN terminate the service with customer.
  3. Our right to disconnect: We have the right to suspend or discontinue service generally, or to disconnect the service, at any time. In addition, we reserve the right to immediately disconnect the Service at any time without notice due to non-payment or unlawful or inappropriate use of the Service.
  4. Governing Law: This Agreement and the relationship between you and UDXGEN shall be governed by the laws of India without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Any dispute between the buyer and seller (if it reaches court of law) will be resolved as per the jurisdiction of the courts in India.


If you have any doubt, concerns, queries, complaints, or questions regarding any of the points the terms mentioned above, please ask us at info@udxgen.com . We as an organization intend to work in the best interest of our clients as such we will be happy to help.